Eddie Bauer Creative Concepts

Eddie Bauer was on the hunt to find a customer experience partner who could help them create a disruptive marketing campaign that pulled existing and new customers through their eCommerce channels. With the outdoor brand landscape being filled with key competitors Patagonia, Columbia Sportswear and The North Face we knew we had to explore what was close to the brand and something that pushed their traditional tone a bit further.

Concept A – “WHOA”moment

This idea was meant to help embrace and encourage that viral moment you and nature may have when it’s just you and your camera. We all know under every great moment lies a “WHOA” whether that’s loud or really really quiet. We wanted customers to share their WHOAmoment with Eddie Bauer and at the same time the brand would use WHOA as a way to promote their high-quality products.

Concept B – Live Your Adventure

Paying homage to the legendary brand that is Eddie Bauer, this concept plays up the premium-ness of the product and beauty of the brand that simply wants you to live your adventure in what way or speed that may be. This idea would allow the diverse customer base of Eddie Bauer to build their own adventure box kit that is right for their lifestyle and be rewarded for sharing their creative types of everyday adventures they go on with their Eddie Bauer products.

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